Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bus Report #324

Random tidbits:

As seen on the corner of Folsom and 2nd, from the window of the 10 Townsend: A lone sombrero sitting forgotten on top of a trash can.

Teenage couple (14? 15?) mauling each other on the 38 Geary. Totally cringeworthy, totally funny.

This morning, on a very empty 22 Fillmore (what? Is everyone really biking to work today on this hot spare-the-air day?) I saw an elderly man wearing a plastic bag as a hat, with the straps of his backpack wound tightly around the plastic bag.
He was polite, godblessed everyone who walked by him.


Anonymous Sus said...

No, I think they're playing hooky, my 38L was pretty empty too, saw very few bikes out. I almost played hooky myself - I may as well have, I was pretty useless today.

Great blog. :)

5:54 PM  

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