Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bus Report #343

I'm on vacation in Boston for the week, so I'm riding the T.
This morning we walked up to catch the T, and there was a T worker standing at the stop with a machine he used to scan our Charlie Cards. Cool.
The new T cars are much smaller than the old ones, and they have two levels. There's a little more room for standing but sitting? Forget it.
At 8 AM our train wasn't crowded.
People read books, one woman clutched an orchid.
There are a lot of renovations going on, and Kenmore station looked even crappier than before. The last time they even gave Kenmore a coat of paint was back in 98, when I worked at Waterstone's. Ten years ago.
We got out at Arlington (also under construction, looking so horrible it would be a great set for some sort of apocalyptic future end of the world movie.
We walked down a long, tiled tunnel and emerged onto Berkeley Street. The sun was out, the air was fresh, it was nice.
Later on, after spending the day walking around, we caught the C line at Park Street. It was crowded, full of a school group from Wisconsin on a trip. They tumbled out of the train, suitcases backpacks and duffel bags in hand, at Hynes Convention Center.
A man stood in the front of the T car, right up next to where the driver sits.
"Sir, you're going to have to move, I can't see the rear window, you're in the way," said the conductor. His Boston accent pronounced rear as 'reah'.
Ah, home.
It's good to be here.
SF posts to resume late next week. In the meantime, dispatches from vacation as they happen.


Blogger greg said...


in 2003 i had the chance to live in Boston and work there for a summer...I loved it.

I used to take the "T" to the "Orient Heights" station, and I joked about how in Boston people commuted crammed in a tin can vs. Californians who commuted crammed in their cars!

awesome city, so unlike SF or LA..very old...loved it though and had so much fun. Go to Santarpio's for me!

10:37 PM  

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