Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bus Report #338

I was lucky this morning to catch a mostly empty 38 Geary, which sped down the street and managed to make most of the lights.
At Fillmore I waited by myself at my stop for no more than 5 minutes.
It was as though MUNI was making up for yesterday.
Or so I thought.

I got on the bus and went to sit near the back.
There was a shaggy, dirty-looking kid/guy sitting in the front of the bus, and as I sat down and settled in for the ride, I noticed he was looking at me.
Great, I thought, just great. I mean, I'd much rather have a Ben, a British Look Guy or a Handsome South Asian Chef looking at me, you know?
I had my sunglasses on and my headphones, so I was in a good position to ignore Shaggy if necessary.
And it turned out to be necessary.
He dragged his backpack, duffel bag and bed roll over to the seat right behind me, and immediately started hissing at me to get my attention.
I ignored him.
Then he had the nerve to tap my shoulder.
I turned around, said, "What?"
"What are you listening to?" he asked.
"Radio," was all I said.
I turned back and stared, intently, out the window.
A few stops later I got a seatmate, an older woman who I've seen a few times.
Shaggy decided to move to the seat in front of us.
"She's listening to the radio," he told my seatmate. "What about you? You going to work?"
The woman didn't have a chance.
She said, "yes."
He kept talking to her, but I didn't listen, until he pointed at me, sneered and said again, "She's listening to the radio."
Leave me alone, dude, I thought.
Then, if you bother me again, we're getting the driver. Because at 7 AM I do not want to talk to you unless I know you.
He kept talking to/at my seatmate, kept sneering and staring at me.
I hoped that he wouldn't try to follow me off the bus, because then he would be sorry. I have no problem calling the police.
Luckily he did not follow me, perhaps because I bolted for the door, perhaps because a couple of the Cor O Van guys were right there behind me.
I was relieved.

Rachel over at Foggy City Mommy sent me this link to MUNI Haikus. Check it out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's all I can do to feign indifference rather than ripping into idiots like that.

"No, I don't want to talk to you, I don't care about your life, I don't care about your line of crap, your tale of woe, your inspirational outlook on life that keeps you going, I sure as hell don't want to tell you anything about me and I'm not going to give you a damn dime for your stupid performance. Oh yeah, and you stink."

10:56 PM  

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