Friday, May 30, 2008

Bus Report #339

Last night on the 19 Polk, everyone was coughing.
Not an allergy or head cold cough, but more like a TB cough.
I kept my face turned towards the window and hoped for the best.
When I got off the bus, a man walked by and asked if he could borrow my phone.
I shook my head, as in: No, you can't, and how do you know if I even have one?

Later, on a late-night 38 Geary, KT and I watched my seatmate mumble to himself, hang his head out the window and spit, and suck down an extra large drink from a fast food cup with an ad for sirloin on the side of it.
I eventually decided I did not want him throwing up on me (because that's where he was headed, I guarantee) so I stood up.

This morning I had an easy ride on the 38 (just me and the man from the couple who only ever goes one stop) and an easier ride on the 22.
I shared a seat with Carmen until we got to her stop, and then at Mission, just when I thought I'd have a Cor O Van guy sit next to me or one of the sewing ladies, A familiar face appeared in front of me, laughed and slid easily into the empty seat.
It was ST, on his way to work.
A pleasant surprise.


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