Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bus Report #340

I was on a 38 Geary last weekend that was covered in those ads for the T-Third line. If you live here, you've seen them.
They're not BAD ads, but I think they must be trying to use them up or something because on my bus they had about 10 of the same exact ad running down one side of the bus to connect to another set of 5 of another ad.
The other side of the bus had the ads running in a pattern, but still, come on!
It was a little funny.

That same bus stank to high heaven, of sweat, old food, cigarettes and a skunk (or skunky pot?) and there was a homeless man sprawled out on a seat in the middle section. He was mumbling something that I couldn't decipher.
A woman sitting a few seats away muttered, "How about a breath mint?" and cut her eyes at him, angrily.

Last night on my way home I sat pressed up against the window of the 38.
The window was stuck shut, and the bus was stuffy.
Nothing happened, not really, but by the time we hit Van Ness it was way too crowded and it didn't matter how loud I had the volume up on my headphones, people were just so loud.
I escaped at my first opportunity: 6th Ave and Geary.


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