Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bus Report #344

Back in SF after a wonderful trip to Boston.
I miss the screech of the T as it rounds corners, but I don't miss the pay as you go aspect of the Charlie Card.
Fast Passes all the way, baby.
This morning the air was full of smoke from the wildfires, and the sun was a sickly orange color.
I waited at my stop with the bus flagger and the man from the couple who only ever go a couple of stops.
The smiley driver pulled up, ignored the bus flagger and let me on.
She has a new perm, it looks a little bit.... Jaunty?
She shook her head and rolled her eyes while she tried not to laugh at the bus flagger.
"Nice to see you," she said.
My commute was uneventful in every way, which was nice after only getting a few hours sleep after getting in late last night.
At Potrero I mailed some letters and went to Safeway for some lunch stuff.
Drama at Safeway!
I was in the line getting ready to pay, and the cashier called her manager and said, "there's a guy walking around stuffing things into a paper bag, I think he's stealing."
The manager immediately got security and they went off, somewhere outside of my scope of vision.
Suddenly, there was what I can only describe as a fracas.
The thief ran for the door and was rammed by a shopping cart, after the security guy told a customer to 'hit him'.
The thief dropped the bag and tried to escape, but the security guard grabbed him.
They fought for a moment, the tall thief and the short security guard, and the thief managed to get away.
He ran off, and the manager ran after him.
A woman picked up the bag and looked in it. "It's just candy," she said. "It's full of candy."
Welcome home.


Blogger greg said...

glad you're back....I love your blog!

and your insight to the Bostonian system is great...I spent a summer working there on John Kerry's campaign and more and rode the T line to "orient heights" often.....and the Charlie Card sucked compared to our Muni Monthly Pass.

Sadly their Breda Cars, which are like so the suck, were based on OUR rail lines because Breda was too lazy to do the work. Ironically their loser Bredas would work better HERE than THERE!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Yeah their new cars are tiny and there's very little room compared to the old ones.
I do like the new buses, though. We have some like those on the 44 and 53 lines.

8:52 AM  

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