Friday, June 27, 2008

Bus Report #345

Last night I walked to catch the 21 Hayes on Fulton, so I could go see the Teacher's Pet and the rest of the Devilettes at Rickshaw Stop.
I figured I'd have to wait while the bus idled for a while, but luckily I was able to get right on and we took off immediately.
Smooth and surprisingly fast ride down to Hayes Valley.

Later, after the show (which was great and fun and just generally a good time) I tried to hail a cab, but it wasn't happening.
I walked back to Hayes to wait for the 21. It came in less than five minutes, and while I waited I talked with a woman who had just left some out of town friends at their Civic Center hotel.
I got on and stood towards the back, rather than sit next to a series of extremely large people who were taking up too much room on double seats.
The bus emptied out by the time we hit Stanyan.
A drunk girl and her boyfriend stumbled out at 6th and Cabrillo.
I got out at the next stop and walked down the street towards home.
At Geary, I automatically turned left to walk near the funeral home.
There were two police cars with flashing lights surrounding a parked car, and two cops were yelling at the person/people in the car to "get out of the fucking car now!"
There was a guy walking near me and he looked at me and said, "Maybe we should walk a different way, since they have guns."
I couldn't really argue with that, even though the guns were still securely holstered (from what I could see).
We cut up the street towards Clement, not walking together but more like walking parallel to each other.
"How was the work today?" he asked me, finally.
The work? I smiled.
"The work was okay," I said.
"Yes, for me, too," he said. "But slow, you know, very slow."
I told him I hoped his Friday would be faster. He disappeared through the Smart and Final parking lot and I kept walking.


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