Friday, January 09, 2009

Bus Report #399

Two easy commutes... I think it's the world paying be back for the badness of last week.
Last night I walked out to Harrison and 16th after a meeting. It was almost 8 PM, I was cold and tired. Next Bus claimed I'd be 22 and 33-less for at least another 20 minutes for either bus.
Moments later, a 33 coasted to a stop in front of me. The driver was a guy I've had many times as my chauffeur on the 33. Middle-aged, thick glasses, a beret.
I got a seat towards the back and put on my headphones.
The bus was almost empty, just a few construction workers and older folks, people clutching shopping bags from Safeway and Ross.
We barely stopped to pick up passengers, it was lovely.
I was home in 40 minutes.
Today I decided to take the 1 California down to Polk Street to restock my Earl Grey supply with some tea from You Say Tomato and to restock my soul with some tea (but some made FOR me, not BY me), lunch and friendly faces at Leland Tea Company .
The bus was just letting people out when I got to the stop. I sat in the back, in a front-facing seat across from a mom and her little boy, and her baby who was swaddled in a lot of layers of clothing.
The little boy soon fell asleep against his mom's side.
A couple got on a few stops later, the guy hit me in the head with his messenger bag. He did not notice. It didn't hurt, it was just a surprise and shook me out of my lull.
At Polk I had to 'excuse me excuse me' quite a bit to get out of the bus, but it wasn't bad.


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