Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bus Report #408

Yesterday I had to run for the 22. I made it, catching the bus as it crossed Geary. The driver, a favorite of mine, pulled over and I got on, followed by the serious looking man in the fedora and a very greasy, sickly looking man.
The guy in the fedora sat in one of the senior seats.
The sick guy curled into a seated fetal position and spread a T-shirt over his head, covering his whole head and upper body.

I took a seat a little further back. The catfish face man was in his usual spot. The man with the faux-suede dirty lavender hat sat in the front, sprawled out in his seat.

This morning I took a 38L down to Geary and made a smooth transition from 38L to 22. I just crossed the street and there it was, as though it was a cab or limo waiting for me.
Carmen sat in our usual spot. We both pulled off our headphones and I slid into the seat beside her.
We immediately started talking in Spanish, catching up with each other. She is truly a good person and a great bus companion. We talked right up until she got out of the bus.
I put my headphones back on and listened to one of the best This American Life episodes ever: Episode #218 , Act V. You should listen to it, for free, on the TAL website.


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