Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bus Report #402

Last night I went to Hayes Valley with J.
We caught a 21 Hayes at Arguello and Fulton and sat behind a couple who kept taking pictures of the man in front of them. The man in the couple kept turning around and looking at us, guiltily. I wanted to know why the woman was taking so many pictures of this random guy, and I got my answer when the couple got out at Divisadero (to go to a show at the Independent).
The man was a bit strange. He got up out of his seat and came back to sit right in front of me. He put a piece of newspaper down on the seat and sat down.
He had a bizarre haircut: it looked like he had gotten the sides shaved at some point and then grown his hair out, but shaved the sides again. I can't explain it very well... I guess we should have taken pictures too!

On the way back to our neighborhood, the bus was really crowded. We flashed our fast passes at the driver and got in through the back door. Lots of drunk student types and tired-looking people coming home from work.
There was an older lady standing in the step well. She was wearing lots of layers, had a hat on, and several bandages under her eye. She was talking, ranting, really, and no one was paying attention to her except to avoid her.
The bus emptied out a bit. J. and I got seats behind a large man who was sprawled out in his seat, sleeping. The ranting woman came down and sat next to him.
Her smell was terrible. I couldn't help but cough and J. and I exchanged looks. The window above our seat was stuck shut, of course. I breathed through my mouth.
The woman eventually stood up and moved closer to the front of the bus.
She fell and landed on another woman's lap. The woman didn't do anything to help her move. She didn't do anything, period.
A couple of the drunker students, after a few moments, helped the woman get into a seat.
The woman she had fallen on was still sitting perfectly straight in her seat, like a statue.


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