Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bus Report #401

My Wednesday morning was going okay, but got 100 times better when I got on the 22 Fillmore. I know, I know, how can a ride on the 22 actually improve someone's morning? I've got one word for you, Carmen.
Carmen was sitting in our usual spot. I went over to her and said, "Buenas dias, Carmita," and she looked up at me, smiled, and quickly made room for me to sit down.
We chatted and got caught up, as usual, and she told me how things were going at her job. It was great to see her. I pulled the signaler for her when we got to her stop and she got out.

Thursday the bus felt a bit empty on the way down to Fillmore, and it was nice. The 22 came and it was full of regulars.
I sat behind the catfish face man, who sat behind the man with the dirty, faux leather, lavender hat.
The construction worker (who must bathe in cheap men's cologne) was sitting across the aisle from me. He talked loudly on his cellphone, narrating our ride for the person he was talking to.
"Yeah, yeah, we're almost at Hayes," he said. "Yeah, then I'll get out, catch the 21. Yep. I'll be there in like fifteen minutes or something."
I got a seat mate at Haight, an older lady with an insulated lunch sack. She clutched the lunch sack in her hands and rested her feet on the bottom of the seat in front of us.

We crawled down 16th Street. It looks like Familia Lopez Cafe has a new name (well, they had 2 storefronts, and one of them has a new name): Dona Mago's Restaurant (it might be cafe, but I haven't gotten a good look, so correct me if I'm wrong).
The car dealership across the street that has been closed for a few months finally has a 'for rent' sign on it. I keep looking in to see if anyone is still watering the plants. The plants still look alive. Maybe they're plastic... I don't know.

I got out at my usual stop and got my coffee. At the garage, I said good morning to the guys and kept walking.


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