Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bus Report #404

The family was in town last weekend and we had pretty good bus luck all weekend. My mom wanted to see the Alien Donut Man, but alas we did not see him. Despite that great disappointment, we did all right for ourselves.
Friday we took the 38 to Masonic, where we wanted to take a 43, but Next Bus said it would be 15 minutes so we walked. Walked all the way to Cole Valley and only when we were a block away from our destination did the bus show up.
We took 38s, 33s, and a 2 for the rest of their stay. No news to report.

Last night I had a lot of errands to run. I walked to the bank, then took the 22 to Fillmore and went to the library. Got back on the 38 to head back to my neighborhood.
Our bus idled in the stop at 20th Ave. The driver jumped out and ran back to the Russian bakery in the middle of the block. Give me a break! I hate when they get out of the bus and run for a snack, or the paper, or cigarettes. It's called bring that stuff with you. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't seem right.

This morning on the 22, my seatmate was a young guy, early 20s, dressed for a day painting houses or knocking them down. He seemed nice, but man did he smell! He probably wears the same clothes to work almost every day and maybe he doesn't wash them that often. Ugh.
Meanwhile, to add to the smelltastrophe, the kids sitting behind me were eating McDonald's, a smell that always makes me feel sick.
I stood up and opened the window. Better.

I got out of the bus at my usual stop, got coffee, and walked the rest of the way to work. 2 33 Stanyan buses drove by, then another 4 22 Fillmore buses. It was a lot of backed-up buses. I wondered if somehow my bus had been too slow, or something.


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