Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bus Report #406

Today's report brought to you by the letter S, as in Smelly.

Yesterday I was on the 22, the ride was going smoothly and there was a chance I'd get to work before the rain started up again. Things were good.
Until the Haight Street stop when the girl with the cat got on.
I am allergic to cats, not horribly, but enough. That said, a short bus ride with a cat isn't enough to hurt me. BUT! The girl not only had the cat in a carrier, she had a litter box in a plastic bag and a huge tote full of other cat-related items. It smelled bad. It smelled like someone who has a million cats and never cleans up from them. Gross. I should have told her she couldn't sit there because I was allergic, but I didn't. Bad on me. Instead, I opened the window and spent the whole ride with my face turned away from her.

I got out of the bus at my usual stop and took several deep breaths. AHHHH fresh air.
The Double Play Bar is celebrating its 100th birthday this week, looks like they are having a party in a few days, check it out.

I got coffee and a paper and that's when the deluge started. I ran to the bus stop and took a 22 the rest of the way to work.

Last night I barely caught the 10 Townsend. Running down a hill in the rain in plastic boots slowed me down, but I made it and got a seat in the back.

I got out at Market and waited for the 38. A slovenly, stinky man ambled up and asked the guy standing next to me if he could catch the 38 at this stop. The guy said yes. The slob then started tying his shirttails together, but it looked more like he was fumbling with his pants. I moved away from him.

I got on the 38 when it arrived and headed straight for the seats in the back. I got one near the window. The slob made his way towards the back of the bus. I hoped he'd sit all the way back, but no. He sat right behind me.
He stank horribly.
He didn't get out until Leavenworth, but when he did, I know I was not the only person glad to see him go.

Almost all the ladies and girls on the bus were wearing colorful rain boots. It was fun to see the different styles and patterns.

This morning I took a 38 Limited. It was pretty full, and the only available seat was next to a gigantic man who did not want to make room for me. I sat next to him anyway.
I wasn't sure if it was him or someone else, but the whole back of our bus just stunk of unwashed bodies and sweat. It was disgusting.
I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I wish the buses still had the openable windows at face level instead of the ones high up.
I'll leave it at that.


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