Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bus Report #1043

This morning was cool and dark but the peach-pink sunrise told me it was going to be a warm day.
My walk to the bus stop was full of "Miss Rachel's Neighborhood" moments, as M. used to always tease.

Joan was in the donut shop, sitting in the window, and she smiled and waved as I passed by. I grinned at her and waved back.

I stopped to chat with the delivery guy at Schubert's as he unloaded sacks of flour from his truck. He is a petite guy and those bags must outweigh him a bit. "How are you this morning, miss?" he asked, piling another bag onto his dolly.
"Good, good, and you?"
"Oh, I'm just fine, miss. You have a great day."
"See you later," I replied.

I waved to the friendly Recology guy with his headlamp and thick glasses. He swung a pair of black trash cans down from the truck like it was nothing. "Hey there," he said.

The skateboard kid who takes the bus with me down to Valencia stepped out his front door, board in hand, and we said "hey" before he took off on his board to the bus stop.

The bus was early. The driver said, "Hey, welcome back, you been on vacation?"
I just laughed. "I wish."


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