Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bus Report #307

This week has been good for MUNI so far, because it's spring break for the kids.
Nice, quiet bus rides, with plenty of open seats.
Smiley driver two mornings in a row, complete with bus flagger. Smiley just shakes her head and rolls her eyes. I laugh. The bus flagger remains oblivious.

This morning there was a huge moth on my 22 Fillmore, a big, hairy thing with big, brown wings. I opened a window to let it out but since no one else seemed interested in getting any air, my window was the only one open.
No big deal.
Huge brown moths are people too, and it's not like it was taking up a seat or anything.

Enter my seat mate, a girl with too many tote bags.
The moth came whizzing over (if bugs that big can whiz) and my seat mate freaked out!
She gasped, she shrieked, she cringed, she tried to burrow her way into my left arm.
I looked over at her.
"I hate those things," she said, breathlessly.
There was nothing i could do about it, so I just shrugged my shoulder and shifted over so I was plastered against the window.
The moth came back twice, and each time she freaked out again. Each time she told me she hated moths.
Sorry, girl. I am not a moth murderer, unless I find them in my house.


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