Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bus Report #143

Nothing outrageous to report this week.
The obsessive guy with the duffel bag is still obsessive.
The security guard who rides the 22 Fillmore to Hayes in the mornings and I have started saying 'Good morning' to each other.
Inbound commutes spent gossiping with Carmen or sitting wedged next to backpacked students.
Afternoons spent chatting with Ramon.
The Confederacy of Dunces Guy got on the other day and worked his way to the back of the bus. He saw me and Carmen talking and said 'hello'.
R and A from Tully's have been on my bus everyday this week, on their way home from a new job on the other side of the hill. It's funny to see them without Tully's shirts and aprons on.
This morning I was surprised to see the Alien Donut Man on my 38 Geary Bus. He always looks out of place and uncomfortable like a deer caught in headlights, no matter where I see him.
If he is really an alien, he probably knows that I talk about him.