Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bus Report #999

Hello! It has been a while, because I was hoping to have my 1,000 post extravaganza planned already before I posted again.

Alas, that is not planned yet, but if anyone wants to help, email me! I'm thinking an evening at a Muni-adjacent bar here in the city.

Anyway, Muni has been Muni for the past few months. Wonderful and frustrating and beautiful and terrible all at the same time.


The lovely man who I share a seat with in the afternoons. We chat briefly before he returns to his texts and his music. Beautiful smile and generally nice human.

Running into Polk Street cafe friend Laura twice in two months, after not having seen her in a while. While she doesn't live in the Tenderloin anymore, she confessed it is where she is still the most comfortable, so she's been doing the 2 Clement back and forth shuffle for a while, to visit old friends.

Sweet drivers who stop and wait for regulars, and who help folks with strollers and carts lift them on and off the bus.

The Muni Art campaign. My only critique is that I'd like more variation in the poems, but I can't get enough of the Charif Shanahan poem, so I am content otherwise.

Having my birthday party on a historic Muni charter, Car No. 1 - absolutely unforgettable. If you have the chance to do a Muni charter, DO IT! Super fun and unique. We did a 2 hour charter but honestly, we could have done twice that length of time. Cheers everyone for coming to the party, and cheers to our delightful conductors. Be forewarned, the Boat Tram is currently out of service, which is a tragedy because it is my favorite historic car, but hopefully it will be back soon.


The woman who drinks garlic tea on the bus at 7 am, doing precisely that this morning.

Extra crowded buses last night, as there were 2 out of service 22 Fillmores broken down along our route.

Andre switched routes, so I don't get to see his friendly smile in the mornings. The new driver is great, though humorless. Se la vie, right?

Overall, all is well in my world, Muni-related and otherwise.