Monday, September 27, 2004

Most Disturbing "Cute" Characters Ever

After a lovely This American Brunch yesterday, the Teacher's Pet and I took a neighborhood walk. On the walk I encountered THE MOST DISTURBING "CUTE" CHARACTERS EVER, at a new shop.
They are called Parasite Pals and feature memorable characters such as Holly Hostess, Tickle Tapeworm, A Bed Bug, An Eyelash Mite and my least favorite, the Head Louse.
I'm not kidding.
There is even a website.
Take a peek.

But a little cute.

Friday, September 24, 2004

The Smallest Bus Aficionado

On the bus the other day the dad with the 2 kids who gets on and off at Divisadero was sitting behind me.
The 4 year old said, "Is this the limited?"
To which dad replied, "No, the 22 doesn't have a limited, this is a regular."
Kid: "And then we'll switch to the 38 Limited? and then the 24?"
Dad: "Yes."
Just then, an empty 31 bumped by.
Kid: "Ooh, a catepillar bus." (the long busses have an accordion-like fold in the middle, and on hills they look to be inching.)
Dad: "Yes."
Kid: "But that's not a 22 right?"
Dad: "No, it's the 31."

I loved this kid. No older than 4, and he already knows the different busses, the routes and the stops. I'd love to borrow him for the day and ride around. Whatever line he wants!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Breakdowns & Upsides

The 22 was right on time last night and it was one of the nice drivers. And I had a seat. So of course the bus broke down at Bryant. The driver did not say anything but we were sitting there for about 10 minutes. I lowered the sound on my walkman to hear the people in the back of the bus cursing the driver and complaining, and yelling at each other. which led to a minor insurrection. The bus emptied out and everyone ran for the 22 behind it. Everyone but me and the pretty boys and the mom and 2 kids. We caught the 33 that was behind the 22.
It was a long ride home and I lost NPR reception on Twin Peaks.
But we had a crazy man who kept telling people, "i hate you i hate you i love you i hate you."
And when I walked home from the bus, I passed by the only phone booth in the neighborhood, and the phone was ringing. I cut my eyes at it and wondered if I should answer it.
The accordionist was playing on a street corner, singing off tune as he played.
And the grocery store was empty, the girl behind the counter was tired and I teased her about not having any customers, and she rolled her eyes. Put her head down on the counter. Threw her hands up. She'd been busy until right before I walked in.
Walking down the last block before I got home, the sun was so bright I could not see two feet in front of me.
What a good commute.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I saw a photo of some pancakes a little while ago and they looked delicious. But I really don't like pancakes at all. The Professor loves pancakes and one time C. and I made him some for his birthday, but neither of us wanted to eat them.

Aside: A cute messenger just delivered some envelopes. He did not look dirty or fucked up, either....

Oh: Doesn't it suck when people you can't stand are in your dreams? That happened to me last night. Maddening.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bus Report and Odds and Ends

Today all the seats on the 38 were sticky and smelled like: best case scenario Orange Cleaner or worst case scenario Orange Soda.

The kids on the bus all had Egg McMuffins and it turned my stomach.

I saw a bunch of Sacred Heart students and felt sorry for them. Sacred Heart Church in the old neighborhood is closing this year and I wonder what will happen to the students. The church used to be our election polling place and even though it was staffed by wackos it had a nice familial feel to it.

Barring too much work or lack of energy I will post some fiction this week.

Friday, September 10, 2004


Maybe it's the routes I take, or the universal availability of knock off products but I've been noticing a lot of clothes and other stuff that is covered in nonsensical English words, or at least words written in the English alphabet.
Several examples.
Woman on the bus this morning had a shoulder bag that proclaimed, "FIB!" and a T-Shirt that said "Dear".
The girl sitting next to me had a backpack covered with the word "Subteaser".
Also, some neighborhood favorites:
-Zico brand flip flops, replete with the Puma puma.
-My backpack, a brand called 'Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club'
-Everyone else's backpacks, which are often emblazoned with 'bagmax!' or 'Ampac'
-off-brand Pocky sticks called Pokey.

I invite other examples.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Interested Parties Please Raise Yer Hands

Been thinking of posting chapters/snippets of some of my unfinished stories here. Anyone have any yay or nay opinions?
They would be roughly 1 or 2 pages per shot, not necessarily in any particular order or about the same characters. I am inclined to call what I would post vignettes, or at least snapshots from whatever I am working on.

Let me know.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Some Things Never Change

The kids are, as mentioned last time, back at school. Their clothes and bags and shoes still look brand new, hair is freshly cut and braided, and while they have gone on to higher grades or new schools, they still try to scam the (in)famous bus driver and they continue to fail at it. Note to the kids: You have nice new clothes and just bought stuff at McDonald's. Surely, SURELY you have 35 cents in your pocket to use for bus fare. What's that? You don't? Well, have fun walking. Because no matter how much you plead and beg and threaten, he will not let you on the bus.
In fact, the driver turned away 8 people today, I counted. And I agreed with him, I must say.

The prettiest little girls in the world and their mom were on the bus this morning. The girls have different school uniforms than last year, and something else: a new baby brother! But they still laugh and giggle with their mom while they ride, and they are still as sweet as can be. Adorable.

In non-bus related news:
Julieta Venegas is up for several Latin Grammys tonight. Keep those fingers crossed...