Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bus Report #78

This morning I headed out early so I could pick up some cough drops, a new bus pass and some tea before work.
I rode the 22 with Carmen. We waved to our favorite sweatshop lady and gossiped about other 22 Fillmore riders. Ebony got on at McAllister and we both said hi to her. It's funny that we have some bus friends in common. She got off at Dolores, and I coughed my way to Safeway.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Bus Report #77

Or, why I always give myself plenty of time to get places.

This weekend I had special guests in town, Baby Sis and Bernest. We spent a lot of time bussing our way across this city, with few mishaps.
Thursday- 1 California to Chinatown: We sat in the back of the bus in the rear facing seats. Stared at a twitchy briefcase toting guy and rolled our eyes at him.
Saturday- Waited with N. for a 49 Van Ness which took 1/2 an hour to arrive. In the meantime, at least 6 14 Missions passed us by.
MUNI Math: 49 Van Ness divided by 14 Mission = 3.5 14 Missions
This must mean, for every 3.5 14 Missions there should be a 49 Van Ness. But there wasn't.
We wandered down Valencia to catch the 33 Stanyan on 18th. We waited. And waited. Someone had posted a cartoon in the bus shelter, of the cartoon PUNI which spoofs MUNI. It was funny.
Soon there was a critical mass of people waiting. Stephanie, who rides the 22 with me was there, and we spent 10 minutes debating if we should try for the 22 or not. She decided to go for it, since there was a parade scheduled for the evening and it was about to start (Pink Saturday? Not sure).
So she went to catch the 22. We waited some more, then decided to go for it as well.
We ran down Valencia and there was a 22 right in the bus stop. It was broken.
"Honey, get on the bus behind me," the driver instructed us. We climbed on the next bus.
Stephanie was standing towards the back. "You made it!" she said.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bus Report #76

This morning the 38 was very crowded. Mr. Polite politely offered me a seat, but I declined so he could sit down, then I went to the back of the bus and sat there. The kids are on the bus again, must be the first day of summer school.
As the 22 drove torturously slow down Fillmore, I sleepily watched the other passengers.
I saw Ebony, Stephanie and my favorite sweatshop lady.
The kids were loud as usual, but there were only a few of them.
The gas station on Guerrero looks like it might reopen soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bus Report #75

Old Home Week on the bus...
The drivers are all on vacation or summer assignments, and the kids are off of school, but this week it seems like I've seen almost all the regulars who ride the 22 and the 38.
-Mr. Polite and I are now saying hello to each other when we meet at the bus stop. Today I ran to catch the bus and he added, "you just made it."
-Carmen is on a summer schedule so we have been sitting in the back of the bus chatting giddily from 12th Avenue to 16th Street and Dolores.
-The mom with the 4 little kids is still on the 22, even though her oldest boy is done with school for the summer. I guess the little kids still have daycare.
-Kim sat across from me today, reading the Examiner.
-My favorite sweatshop lady sat against the window this morning, chatting with friends.
-Francisco at the bus stop, full of smiles and exagerated hand gestures.
-The cigarette smoking Russian guy in Ray-Bans: puffing up a storm at 7 AM, and again at 5:30 PM.
-Neck-Tattoo-British-Look-Guy, walking in his strange, toe-walking, odd gait way, across the street at McAllister.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bus Report #74

This weekend I explored some new parts of familiar bus routes. Saturday I took the 2 Clement down to Polk Street, and after a few hours wandering in Russian Hill, I stopped for cinnamon tea at a Royal Grounds. At the cafe, I overheard three girls bad mouthing a fourth friend of theirs who was not there.
I walked to Fillmore (via Union Street, fancy!). Along the way I remembered that the date on my watch was off by a few days. I had not been able to fix it and it was bothering me. I walked past a fancy jewelery store that had a sign in the window advertising watch repair. I went in and waited for the woman ahead of me in line to finish purchasing a $700.00 ring for herself. The jeweler was so nice: he fixed my watch and did not charge me for it.
There are still honest and nice people in the world.
I took the 22 Fillmore up over the hill and got out near Pets Unlimited to look at the animals. I was right on time for a French movie at the Clay, so I decided to see it. It was a cute comedy called Apres Vous.
This morning while I was on a fairly quiet 22 (The kids just had their last day of school, so they were not on the bus) I saw curious signs posted all over 16th Street. They were on regular copier paper, with huge block letters. The signs said: PANTS. There were three signs taped to a lamppost: PANTS PANTS PANTS.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bus Report #73

Yesterday morning, my favorite sweatshop lady sat beside me. As I was getting out of the bus, she patted my arm and said goodbye about eight times. It was cute.

Today I waited for the 38 in the rain, with Miss Pushy and Mr. Polite, and the jittery spidery lady. She kept her umbrella up INSIDE the bus shelter, which took up a lot of space. When I got on the 38 (after Miss Pushy had elbowed her way in front of me), I spotted Carmen. We went to the back of the bus and sat together, and chatted. On the 22, we sat in the back of the bus with the Mission High kids. We chatted and gossiped as always, and then she got out at her stop. I was sleepy and as soon as I had my radio on again, I drifted into sort-of-sleep for a few stops.
At my stop, which I have decided to call Kansas Street instead of Rhode Island (because it's not Rhode Island, Rhode Island is the NEXT block! So why confuse people with letting them off on Kansas? Hmm?) I stopped for a newspaper which proceeded to get wet as I walked the rest of the way. I felt nervous passing by the homeless encampment, because the bus some of the people live in had the door open and in front of the bus was a pick up truck with a bunched up blanket on the back. I walked fast. I did not want to be nabbed or scared by someone getting out of the bus. Also, the area around the encampment smelled and the rain had gotten harder.

I found out that the commuter I call Ramon is named Francisco, so that means the commuter I call Francisco needs a new name. Let's just swap them. From now on, Ramon is Francisco, and Francisco will be Ramon.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bus Report #72

Yesterday morning I had to run down Geary (hurtle down Geary, really) to catch the 22. Luckily, the shaved-head-and-glasses driver waited for me to get there. He is so nice!
This morning no running was involved in my commute, even though I left the apartment a few minutes late. Mr. Polite and Miss Pushy were waiting for the 38 when I got to the stop. I had barely put on my headphones when it pulled up.
The Brazilian sisters were sitting across from me, putting on their make up (less is more, darlings!)
The older sister kept applying lip gloss, and eyeshadow, and lip gloss.
At Fillmore, I waited in a sunny spot for the 22.
Today, the driver was the (in)famous driver. He waved at me and stopped the bus right in front of me, but Mrs. Pushy (no relation to Miss Pushy) elbowed past me to get on the bus. Some people.
The driver was wearing a bandana and he looked like a pirate.