Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bus Report #1030

Yesterday afternoon we were eating lunch in the park, sunglasses on, jackets off.
This morning the rain pounded the neighborhood and hit from all directions when the wind changed course. I huddled under an awning with the Frenchman, and we waited for the bus while bemoaning the overnight change in the weather.

"It was so beautiful these last days," he said.
"I know. And the bus is officially late," I replied, checking my watch.
We chatted about neighborhood restaurants we liked, and pondered the new place on the corner that has yet to open. Is it a cafe? A wine bar? We had no idea.

When the bus arrived, the Frenchman held his umbrella over us both and we hurried inside.
Annie was driving. "No leader bus this morning, huh?" and she grinned and told us to hold on.

We settled into the bus, dripping water everywhere.

Everyone was wet - from the woman in the rain slicker and tall boots to the guy who's dog was wearing a bright yellow doggy rain coat.

When we got to my stop it was still pouring.
Waved goodbye to Annie and then several of us hurried to catch the 22 Fillmore bus that was stuck at the light.